Monday, February 11, 2008

Sweetness, Indeed.

The first time I had an Etsy order from someone I didn't know, I thought it was a mistake. Actually, what I thought was that someone had used MY Etsy and PayPal accounts to purchase something from someone else. (It seems so silly now, but at first glance, that's what I thought.) I was floored. And then, after reading the e-mails over and over again, and figuring out what had happened, I was still floored. Only much, much happier than I had been ten minutes earlier.

That customer, April Meeker, who sells her own wares on Etsy as secondsister, commissioned a second painting almost immediately after purchasing the first one, thereby doing wonders for my self esteem and my hope for my future as an artist.

And she has done that again by featuring my artwork this week on her blog, secondsister suaviloquy. (Suaviloquy is the coolest word, isn't it?) Many thanks, April. It's an honor.

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Anonymous said...

Hi, Ali. It's Tawnya. I was just thinking now that you're a year older, that means I'm not far behind. Oh well. At least we're in this together. Only I don't get to go to Hawaii. Hope you had a great time. Love your maps. Here's hoping all is well and just to check in and let you know we're still going strong over here in Eastern Oregon....even under over 2 feet of snow this winter. Hawaii doesn't sound at all a bad place to be now. I've been cold for weeks on end!